Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy New Years with the Pies

Happy New Year and Happy 5th Birthday Aubrey! A little late in the year- but still an appropriate way to begin this blog of pictures of my sweet pies. They are "honey pies", "cutie pies", "sweetie pies" or maybe just a "cream pie" today, but always they are pies!
To introduce them they are:
Miss Kayt who is ten years old. Miss Aubrey who turned 5 on New Years Eve, and sweet Justin who will be a terrible two year old on Earth Day. Pie 4 is on the way and word has it that he will be named Jacob.
December 31st was Aubrey's 5th birthday and we celebrated with birthday cake. This first picture is Aubrey getting a little help with the first bite of her birthday cake. This is a family tradition, but not one the victim really enjoys! :)

Jumping off chairs- a perfect New Years Eve activity!

Here's to a wonderful year in Pie Heaven!