Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas vacation at Nonnies

After Christmas Kayt and Aubrey came home with me for a little Christmas Vacation.  We ended up eating lots of burritos.

Check out the great view of the mountains!

There were fun times in the hot tub. Lots of tangerines were consumed here too!

Another burrito lunch...those cravings are always getting the best of Nonnie.

Fun with Uncle Nicky and a soon to be habitat Christmas Tree...

It was sad to see the pie-time end.

Merry Christmas Pie 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas! Gramma and Grandpa Maas came for Christmas lunch and pie time.  We had a White Elephant gift exchange with lots of fun presents.  Of course the pies got lots of lovely gifts and had lots of thank-yous to write.

Christmas Eve we baked Gramma Kessler's sugar cookies.  Kayt and Aubrey were the decorators.

Jacob was eating cereal- dreaming of the days when he will eat cookies!

Aubrey got a plate of cookies ready for Santa Claus...some carrots for the reindeer too!

Later that night she confided that she really didn't believe in Santa Claus...she was just testing him with the cookies! :)
Christmas morning came and time for stockings. 

Not everyone is completely awake...seems somebody was up helping Santa...

Santa ate his cookies but left a banana?

Stocking surprises!

                                                                  Merry Christmas!