Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just a little slice of pie on Saturday!

I had a quick visit Saturday with the pies...I hung out with the 3 older ones while Mama and Jacob went to a craft class.

Here is one of the fabric Pumpkins she made at her class- pretty cool!

I brought fresh picked strawberries from CA- Yum!

It was a fun visit- can't wait to see my pies again!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pie with lunch and a new pet for Aubrey!

I met my pies for lunch yesterday in Casa Grande, a little town between our two homes.

We had lunch at In and Out- one of the best places to get an old fashioned delicious burger and real fries!

Afterward we went to a little local owned pet store- just to look! Aubrey fell for the little puppies right away. She is such a puppy girl!

Then Mama noticed the little rats...and she must have flashed back to memories of her pet rat Squirt when she was little because pretty soon the rat was in Aubreys hands...

And the puppy was forgotten. The little guy headed home in his new cage.

They named him "Hotsauce" Last I heard he was being showered with kisses and enjoying his new home.