Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another hospital visit for my sweet Jacob pie

Sweet baby Jacob had to have a bronchoscopy and a couple other procedures that required him to be put under anesthesia last week. I went along to give my dear daughter support. Jacob was a little he is with no breakfast in his a strange place..and still being a good baby!

And after surgery was over he was awful glad to get back to his mamas arms. She was even more glad to have him back in hers.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Biosphere 2

I tagged along with the pies girl scout troop # 719 on a visit to the Biosphere 2 up by Oracle Arizona, which is about a half hour North of Tucson. It was beautiful up there- gorgeously green from the recent rain. The Biosphere was amazing and the pies were so sweet. Here is a transparent leaf in the rain forest area.

Aubrey in the rain forest.

Aubrey chatting up some nice little boy? Hmmmm... Click on this one and you will see these two are exchanging cruical information.

The Ocean shore.
walking up the steps out of the ocean area.
Justin trying to pose for me but....I gotta pee Nonnie!
I really do!
And I think the kids enjoyed the Physics Factory interactive show the most. As you can see from the rest of these pictures they had a blast participating in the experiments.

Sweet baby Jacob was just an angel all day!