Monday, February 28, 2011

I met the pies for lunch yesterday at Chipotle- and then we wandered over to the thrift store to look  around.  While we waited for Mama pie we tried on glasses....

Sweet baby Jake says it is time to go! It sure was a fun time.  I "love love  love" my pies!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday Pie

We all got together for a Birthday celebration lunch- to celebrate Rachele's birthday, March 6, and Nic's, which was January 2nd.  We threw in Justin's which is coming up in April, and Jacob and Grandpa Don who will celebrate in May.  And why not add in Nani for August and Miss Kayt and Aubrey in December.  After all we  might not be together for all those up-coming we marked them all.

Happy Birthday to all the pies, big and little, near and far.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweet Baby Jake gets his 1st haircut!

What is the very best way to begin a weekend?  Taking off early on Friday and slipping away up I-10 to see my pies!  I met them for lunch- minus Miss Aubrey who was away visiting Gramma Maas- the lucky duck!  We ate lunch first- and then headed over to get sweet baby Jake his very first hair cut!  He wasn't too thrilled about it all...

1st Haircut!

 After the hair-cut we did a little shopping..the pies and I hung out in the waiting room while Mama pie tried some things on.
I zoomed on back home as the sun was was a sweet sweet afternoon!