Monday, June 29, 2009

A Visit to Nonnie's house!

My two granddaughter "pies" spent a few days with me last week, while little Jacob was in the hospital. My 4 dogs had a wonderful time while they were here becasue that old treat bag came out quite often. Aubrey was strict though- no treats without tricks!

Here is Lucy-roo showing off her expert ability to catch treats.

The girls got to come to work with me one day. My office had a going away pot-luck event. It included a pinata and Kayt and Aubrey both got to take a swing at it.

They were a big help picking up the candy once the pinata was burst open.

And probably their favorite thing to do at "Nonnie's" is hang out in the hot tub, with popsicles.

The days went way too quickly and it came time for them to go back home. Aubrey made sure to tell each of the dogs goodbye- she is such a little puppy lover!
It was back to work for me but I can't wait until they come visit again!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random slices.....

Baby Pie in the hospital again.....

We just got home from a lonnnnnnnnnnngggggg visit to te hospital with Jacob. He is doing much better now tho! He was diagnosed with silent reflux, apnea and dysphagia. We had to quit nursing and pump milk for him that we thicken with Simply thick so that he can swallow it right. Poor lil guy sure has had enough of hospitals!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Maas

We went to visit Gma andGpa Maas a couple of weeks ago, the kids all had a great time and Justin loved tolay on the floor and play with the firetrucks. He took the pliers and was pinching Grandma with them and then tried to get the camera too!

Big Helper!

Kayt has really been a lifesaver... she is SOO much help to me with Justin!!

For Unlce Adam and Aunt Tara

Thank you for the clothes!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


A friend of mine came over last week and took these wonderful pictures of my lil guy and the other kids too, she did a fabulous job, I had a realllly hard time not uploading every single picture, they are all so great!! Now, on to the pie.....even a few nekid pie pics...hehe

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Onions, potatoes and botany... OH MY!

In our Botony studies we are learning all about roots. This week we talked about geophytes. We learned what tubers, bulbs and cormes are!! We did a little hands on with peeling an onion (bulb) and inspecting a potato ( tuber). Aubrey wanted to run right out the door to plant a potato! They all got quite goofy with the

3 weeks!!

Jacob is already getting soo big!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

PIe Diapers again

While we are talking about diapers, here is what we use. 4 years ago I started a cloth diaper sewing business called Fuzzi Fannies Creations. I made over 1000 diapers in 3 years and sold them! Last year I quit sewing and decided to give my business over to a friend, and she is still making them! So, here is Jacob sporting his teal pocket diaper, newborn size!

Pie Diapers

I had to come up with a way to change both babies at once, so that I would not need to leave Jacob alone while I changed Justin. I came up with this, and Justin LOVES it! Justin gets to "help me, arm" and then he gets down and I change Jacob. It works great!!

Lots of Pie